Making Biodiesel Glycerine Soap / Degreaser
Turn your by-product into useful soaps
(5th Edition)

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Welcome to Biodiesel Glycerine Soap - The Guide. Now in it's fifth edition The Guide, as it is called, can be found on 5 continents, in the hands of new soap makers and in several universities (10) around the world, making of it the world's most read /used book on using the biodiesel by-product's glycerine layer for soap making.

This Guide is primarily for those who are already producing homebased biodiesel and would like to do something practical and constructive with the glycerine layer by-product, and also for those who would like to get into this new and exciting method and need biodiesel glycerine to get started (email us for contacts).

Don't be fooled by imitators and unscrupulous commercial interests who use unecessary bleaching chemicals, synthetics and gimmicks when producing biodiesel glycerine soaps when you can do it all naturally following the simple guidelines in The Guide.

Rather than being the impossible mission that some have claimed it to be, we have successfully produced both bar and liquid soaps suitable for personal hygene as a body and hair soap (replacing shampoo) as well as finding a multitude of other uses for this useful product (the above photo being only one example) from the home to industry.

The testimonials in The Guide demonstrate clearly that this do-it-yourself project is well worth the time and effort that it takes. You not only will have a superior product than what can be acquired commercially in the way of a glycerine soap, but you will also be recycling the voluminous glycerine by-product from the biodiesel reaction and earning yourself (and your family) a significant savings in yearly soap purchases.

"My first batch of liquid soap finished curing yesterday and I could not wait to follow Luc's idea of cleaning coveralls. We farm so our clothes stay covered with grease etc. I soaked(for 24 hours) 4 pairs of coveralls (that have been stained forever) and one pair that was totally grease covered after working on hay equipment yesterday. These bibs are now REALLY clean. I could not believe it. "
- Betsy

“Hello Luc!
Anyway, your liquid soap is wonderful. In fact, my mother has had a rash on her stomach area that just would not go away, even after many visits to the dermatologist. As a last minute thought, I suggested she try your liquid soap that you just sent me (citronella flavored). I kid you not, the rash is gone! We have no idea what was causing the rash, but it went away shortly after using your "Miracle Soap"! My mom can't thank you enough. She sends her best ! “
Darrell J. Shaffer - Technical Sales Manager
The Purolite Company
Pittsburgh, PA 15239

"It makes amazing soap.. Soap so amazing you'll wonder what the junk you been paying for is... This stuff is really easy to make.. you already have everything you need and it works like crazy.. you won’t believe it.. Its good stuff. I didnt believe it until I made a 500ml batch.. I thought it was crap from the way it looked.. (looks like liquid poop).. Then I had some cargo straps I have not been able to clean.. I tired laundry detergent, mineral spirits, dish soap, and even a 2000 psi power washer.. Nothing got them clean. Then I poured that 500ml test sample into a bucket with 2 gallons of water.. dumped in the straps and 12 hours later they looked brand new.. It even cleaned the little spaces between the gears.. It’s amazing.. I've been spreading your soap knowledge all over the place. My customers think making soap is cool. I've been comparing the soap to "Go-Jo" and "Fast Orange" hand soaps... (what all mechanics use here).. The stuff I make with your formulas works better than the expensive stuff!"
- Murphy

"Your liquid soap recipe does the job nicely!
I also collect cubies and like to clean them up before I return them, because the restaurant staff have to lift the lids to fill them. I use this soap for that too and it is darn good. The cubies look bright and new, and I get to use up more of my glycerine soap each time! And it gets used around the processor, as well as in the shower. I made some liquid soap a while back from your original bar soap recipe - just heated the bar soap in water and that worked well. Went for it today, having made it a few weeks ago and it had that fancy 'metallic' look - you know how some fancy liquid soaps have a weird metallic look to them ? Seems after settling, the soap crystallises and looks really interesting. Didn't look like that a few hours after I made it. I recon a kilogram of bar soap to a 1/2 liter of hot water is what I used. That, plus a bit of fancy perfume would probably sell well! My work colleagues are regular users now - well popular! "
- Graham Laming UK

The Guide is offerred in PDF format.

** You are authorised to reproduce one copy of this booklet for personal use only. Any subsequent printing is subject to royalty payments to the author. Any commercial ventures coming from the information in this guide are the responsibility of the person(s) using it in that manner.

The ridiculously low cost of this book betrays the value of it's content ( It should be MUCH more ). It is yours for only $14.95 . If you produce homebased biodiesel and want to know how to benefit from the glycerine by-product layer then $14.95 is a small price to pay for everything that you can derive from it.

Once you have learned the how-to's of soap making using the biodiesel glycerine layer why not turn your new found talent into a small business ? For this purpose we have put together The Black Crown Biodiesel Glycerine Soap Business Plan. The Business Plan is $29.99 but if you get both in a Combo you only pay $34.99, a savings of $9.95. ** All sales are final **

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