Welcome to Lather! the new Emagazine dedicated to biodiesel glycerine soap makers. The purpose of Lather! is to unite independant biodiesel glycerine soap makers around the world offering them a voice and a place to share ideas, recipes, successes and failures in an educational context for the benefit of the entire community involved in this exciting method of making soap from a relatively new media, the biodiesel glycerine by-product.

Lather! is published periodically, meaning that as soon as sufficient content is grouped together then an issue of Lather! will be published. Therefore participatory contributorship is a must if Lather! is to survive.

Lather! is being offered free of charge to those in the biodiesel glycerine soap making community whose goal is the natural and socially responsible use of this biodiesel by-product.

*After only a short while Lather!'s subscriptions number is the sevreal hundreds.This is surely to grow as its content and popularity increases.*

The information offered in Lather! is for educational purposes only.

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