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My name is Tim W. from Utah USA. I and my wife is Kelly have been making Bio-Diesel for 3 years now and this year we decided to try and make some soap from the glycerine by-product so I purchased the soap recipe from Luc through Utah Biodiesel Supply.

Kelly cooking Soap
Kelly Cooking Soap

Tim cooking Soap
Tim Cooking Soap

I followed the booklet but still had some things to work out and so I e-mailed
Luc and he was so helpful to me. With his help I have had great success with the soap.

Tim and Kelly's soap
Just some of the soap that Tim and Kelly have made.

I started spreading it around at work and everyone is in love with it
and the way it makes your skin feel.

Tim and Kelly's soap
We have a very good charity that we are going to send 600 or so bars of soap to in Mexico and several gallons of liquid soap this Spring.
If any one is interested we will take donations of your soap to send along with ours.

(just contact soapinfo at if you want to participate)

Tim's soap curing
A labour of love. Tim showing off some of the soap he has made.

We here are very happy for Tim and Kelly, and for their charitable venture. What would have been considred a nuissance years ago has now found life in a new product that is helping people, both at home and abroad. Tim & Kelly, good job ! - Luc

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