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Welcome to the download page for the Universal_SAP software program. Please take the time to read the entire "Legal Notice" before downloading the software.

"Legal Notice"
The Universal_SAP software program was developed by Julian Davidson lll, Ken Frei and Jon Heron. This software is their property and may not be redistributed,copied, or sold in whole or in part without the express written authorisation of all three designers. It is offered as a free download for personal use only.

All other uses is prohibited without a written authorisation from all three design owners. The software title may not be changed or altered or otherwise obfuscated, reduced or shadowed without prior authorisation from all three designers.

Black Crown Soaps is an authorised download center for the Universal_SAP software.

I am investigating the possibilities of producing biodiesel here in New Britain, CT as I consider adding a diesel pickup to our land surveying business. Making soap from the glycerine seemed a logical choice, but I was looking for a way to determine the SAP value of the gylcerine. I am a professional and surveyor and have a BS degree in Surveying Engineering, so I was able to find a scientific process from somewhere on the internet to determine the SAP value, but your software is so much easier to understand.

Well done. Thanks for sharing the software. I expect I will be downloading the books from your website soon.


Jason G. Racette, PLS
Boundary Consulting Experts, LLC
Professional Land Surveyors
88 Maplehurst Avenue
New Britain, CT 06053-2728

This sofware program is stand alone, meaning that you do not need to download additional plug ins for it to be fully functional. The program will allow you to determine, with accuracy, the SAP value of any oil or combination of oils and fats. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of used cooking oils and fats whose SAP value alters when heated. This opens up the doors to a heretofore unavailable valuable resource for biodiesel glycerine soap makers and the more modernist soap makers as well. This program is well suited to anyone in the soap making hobby.

In addition to the caculator itself,once the parameters are filled a copy of the work in text form is dropped in the folder where the .exe file is, so there is a record of the work you have done.

The software has been in limited testing therefore might still contain "glitches" so is being distributed in Beta for now. If you run into any field or process that does not behave perfectly please report it to and we will work on getting it fixed.

Downloading the Universal_SAP software signifies that you have read the "Legal Notice" and agree to abide to it's terms and conditions.

download button for the Universal_SAP software Please right click on the download button and "save target as" to your designated folder. This is a .zip file containing the .exe file that will need to be extracted for use. Enjoy !

***The Universal_SAP software is distributed without any express or implied responsibility on the part of Black Crown Soaps, it's website owner or the software designers.Safe production of soap is the sole responsibility of the person / persons producing it. No guarantee of success is expressed or implied by Black Crown Soaps, it's website owner or the software designers.***

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